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Born Andrew David Baker, Bakin Bits began playing music at the age of 5, picking up piano. He then progressed to guitar at age 11, was taught three chords from his father (G, C & D) before self-teaching himself the rest of the way. While his more evolved vocal range came later in life, he has been singing since a young age.

Bakin Bits grew up the first part of his childhood in Biglerville, PA before moving to Fort Collins, CO at age 13. Now residing in Denver, CO, he has also lived in Bozeman, MT and Omaha, NE for periods of time.

Baker first began serious music production in April 2020. His journey from novice to experienced producer from 2020-2021 is chronicled in his EP "The Story So Far...", which includes a varied mix of tracks leaning into electronic and indie blends. While this style of music helped him learn valuable production techniques, his true calling lies in what he describes as the "music of the mountains"--indie folk.

Starting in late 2021, Bits began work on singles for his first indie folk EP, currently slated for release in November 2023. The EP's songs aim to dissect various aspects of Baker's persona, from early childhood to life lessons, positive visions to solemn remembrances, triumphs and regrets.

In his own words...

"These songs have been both a pain and a joy to write...coming to terms with certain things that have happened in my life, reflecting on positive changes, commentating on things I hate about the world, encouraging more thought towards the actions we can take to change those things we's an anxious feeling trying to put all of those thoughts, feelings and emotions into words and doing them justice, but once the music comes along with the words, the feeling becomes euphoric and relieving..."

4 singles from the forthcoming album have been released in 2023 so far, those being: 'Doe Queen Overture', 'Doe Queen of the Grey Cloud Valley', 'CO Summertime Vibe', and 'Silver Age Projector'.

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