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Take Time, My Friend

Take Time to photograph mental images of all the places you've been, scribe the lessons you've learned, meditate on who you used to be, and aspire to recapture the good things in your past to make you a better person in the present. Take all the Time you need, My Friend, to reflect, learn, and grow.

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Days of My Youth

Go back in time to the special place Bakin Bits' called home in his early childhood, Biglerville, PA, and discover why this place was so magical, and what it means to Bakin today.

Capturing a Perfect Photograph of Cheesman Park

A true story of searching for the perfect photograph that captures the majesty of Denver's Cheesman Park, while meeting someone you didn't expect along the way...


The Story So Far...

Chronicling Bakin Bits' first ventures into music production, this album captures releases from 2020-2021 along various stages of Bakin Bits' growth in recording and producing. Before the folk indie you know and love, there was the electronic indie side of Bakin Bits that saw him grow in his music production abilities. The future is built on the past...

Discography: Discography
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